Restructure your NBA contract for more money and years

  NBA contracts are not written in stone. Outside of the absolute basics of what is to be paid, when it's to be paid and for how long, almost everything else can be changed if the parties involved agree. One area where this is often seen is with NBA player contracts . These deals are rarely static, with many being renegotiated before they come close to ending. Can nba players restructure their contracts The most common scenario is where a player signs a long-term deal, often around 4-5 years in length. The first year of this contract sees the player paid his normal salary. The next season, however, that number jumps to 30% of their yearly salary. This continues for the next few seasons before leveling off again. That 30% amount is the player's maximum salary, and it counts against the cap regardless of what he actually earns (which will be a lot less). The team and player can then renegotiate that second year to pay him more than 30% but not beyond his max salary. This bumps up